1. What can you sell

  • Women’s Fashion & Accessories
  • Handbags
  • Fine jewelry
  • Watches

2. What we don´t accept

  • Dirty or damaged items
  • Underwear
  • Fakes
  • Non-premium brands

3. Pick your method – three easy ways to consign

  • Book a free consignment appointment with a Luxury Manager.
  • Book a free expert consultation at a place of your convenience or in our showroom about pricing watches, jewelry & more.
  • Ship your items directly to us or book free pickup.

4. Let our experts do all the work

Our team of luxury brand authenticators carefully evaluates every item. We authenticate, photograph, price and sell your items fast.

5. Get paid

Get paid each month your item sells, by a bank transfer.

6. Return of unsold goods policy

We reserve the goods with us for a period of 4 months in order to sell them. After that period, the seller has a time frame of 10 days to pick up their goods. If the goods are not picked up by the seller, they will be donated to charity .

The seller also has the option to donate the unsold goods in order to support our charity projects.


Your desired price should be based on age, condition and the original price of your item. Depending on the condition of the item, we recommend to reduce the original price by 40-70 %. You are not sure how much to charge for your item? Don’t worry, our team double checks your desired price and will contact you, if necessary. We reserve the right to change the selling price – to either increase it or to reduce it (by max. 10%) compared to your desired price. This enables us to achieve the best price to sell your item. Your earnings change accordingly.


A sales commission depends on the price and is deducted from your earnings. We charge an additional service fee of CHF 50,00 /h for our concierge service. We are happy to come to your home and select together any clothes for sale. Furthermore, your items will be stored at YASMIN’S until they are sold.


Our sellers are paid out on a weekly basis. As soon as your sale has been finalized, we will transfer your earnings to your bank account.



We offer free virtual appointments and free pickup service.


Most items sell within 30 days to our broad audience of luxury shoppers.


You earn up to 65% of the sale price for your items — up to 2X more than with other resellers.


Consigning extends the lifecycle of luxury, giving new life to designer pieces.