The YASMIN’s vintage store is a luxury consignment store specialized in vintage fashion.

The luxury second hand store was found by Alex Oswald and his wife Helena in 90ies. It was one of the first consignment stores in Zurich. The customers of this consignment store appreciate the finer things in life, especially high society fashion in Zurich.

In 2019 Olga Burbelo joined YASMIN’s vintage store as a creative manager and gave the store a fresh breath by upgrading it with online store presence and social media activities. Unfortunately, after 30 years of dedicated customer service in December 2019 the main store in Zurich Seefeld got closed, although a showroom in Seefeldstrasse 45, 8008 Zurich remained, with the focus on online sales.

Founder Alex Oswald

Creative Manager Olga Burbelo collab@yasmins.ch

All photos and pictures are of the YASMIN’s Store propriety. All rights are reserved to the store.